Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When are new sermons published? - Usually Sundays at 12:00, Atlanta time.
  2. Why can't I change my profile age/gender? - Because your gender (that is, your biological sex at birth) and the date on which you were born never change, our system doesn't allow you access to change them. When you become a member at the church, we verify your identity, age, and sex, and set them on your profile permanently. We do this to help ensure that our members aren't being deceived.
  3. How do I get those cool badges? - Badges are a reward for completing coursework. The more badges a person has, the more coursework they've done.
  4. How do you do Baptism and The Lord's Supper if you don't meet in person? - At East Jordan Church, all members in good standing are allowed to baptise new members, so if you want to get baptised, all you have to do is meet one other willing member in person. Eventually, we hope to plant local home groups so that East Jordan members can get together regularly, even if they aren't required to do so, and those groups will have the Lord's Supper together. Until those groups are set up, we have the Lord's Supper once annually on Maudy Thursday at the East Jordan house (our office).