About East Jordan Church Online

We are a church made up of like-minded believers meeting online with no particular location at all. We believe that the church is made of people - not bricks and mortar. You can join us in fellowship from wherever you are and whenever you want (and you don't even need to put on your "Sunday Best"!)

Our goal is to bring believers together as the body of Christ and to work toward his goals. Like any church, we have a core set of beliefs, and below, we have listed our objectives for the church and some of the things we're currently doing to make those objectives a reality.

Our Mission

  1. Worship - Glorifying God by providing materials that facilitate worship through song.

    Currently, we do this by:
    1. Publishing in-house recordings of hymns on the worship page.
    2. Allowing members to submit their own worship music for publication.

  2. Education - Training the mind of the believer so that he is fully capable in handling the word.

    Currently, we do this by:
    1. Publishing recorded Bible messages weekly.
    2. Hosting and linking to relevant resources in the library.
    3. Providing topical coursework and Bible training.

  3. Fellowship - Creating avenues for believers to interact, elevate, organize, and coordinate their efforts.

    Currently, we do this by:
    1. Providing opportunities for user feedback and user-generated site content wherever possible.
    2. Providing a social-media platform where users can connect.

  4. Service - Provide for the needs of our members and of our communities in general.

    Currently, we do this by:
    1. Accepting donations toward charitable work.
    2. Accepting prayer-requests and requests for assistance on the prayer wall.

  5. Accountability - Keeping our members responsible to live according to our principles.

    Currently, we do this by:
    1. Offering confidential Christian counsel to members.

  6. Evangelism - Bringing those on the outside in.

    Currently, we do this by:
    1. Making fundamental coursework, messages, worship music, and site resources freely available to all.
    2. Inviting others to visit the site.
    3. Giving the site an easy-to-use intuitive interface with aesthetic appeal.