Welcome to East Jordan Church Online! As the site grows, we want to make sure new users know what we're about, so we've got some relevant information here to help you find your way around. Here's a list of first-things-first to do at East Jordan:

  • What is East Jordan? If you're interested, click here to learn more about who we are and our mission. Basically, we're a church without a building. Instead of meeting at a brick-and-mortar church, we meet on this website. We have sermons and worship music available for you to listen or download, a library of resources for independent study, courses for those who want to advance in their knowledge, and a social media platform to connect with each other. We've got big dreams, and we're always adding more features to help you be more effective in your Christian life.

  • What do East Jordan members believe? If you're relatively new to Christianity and want to find out what it's all about, click here to take East Jordan's "Soteriology 1" course. For policy wonks, you can click here to read up on our core doctrines.

  • How do I get in on it? You're going to get more out of the East Jordan experience if you click here to create an account. Until you have an account, you're just an anonymous person surfing past our site. You can stay anonymous if you want, but there isn't as much that you can do. By creating an account, you become an East Jordan Church Neighbor (and that's better than a stranger, right?). As a Neighbor, you get access to features we can't give a stranger. Neighbors can track which sermons they've heard, connect with friends on social media, and advance in East Jordan's educational courses. As you stay involved on the site, you can "level up" from a Neighbor to a Brother, from a Brother to a Disciple, and on up the ranks until you reach Elder status. Study hard, and maybe one day soon we'll be listening to YOUR sermons (but you have to create an account first!).

  • How do I use this? Not tech savvy? That's okay. You can click here for a brief (and very basic) tutorial on how to use the site.

  • I still have questions! No problem. Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions. Maybe that will help. If not, create an account and find a friend to ask!